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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Paul Krugman Blog - Detroit, the New Greece

Streets of Athens, Remember? Circa 1967???

As Dr Kinesa points out in his recent article, there is a lot of analysis and navel-gazing required to sort out the problems of both Greece and Detroit, who share many similarities. By the way, a better title may be "Greece, the New Detroit?"

Why don't we just state the obvious here? That is about the differences between recent economic successes of China and for some time Japan, and failures of centres; such as Detroit, Greece, Portugal and others. Imagine over the years, that the winners actually have had a "economic business plan" that they execute to, by using both free and centralised policies and tactics. ( seems they also better learn and apply MBA thinking?) Meaning that over reliance on "invisible market forces" to attain the optimal economic state is not a panacea, in fact, it is plain foolhardy - results speak for themselves.

Anyway, when a National Business Strategy is employed, it creates a different outcome because it focuses the nation or centre on simple stuff like; What can we do better then others? Where can we build long-term sustainable comparative advantages? And that's where all that weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats thinking occurs, breeding realistic paths forward.

Bottom line; we see that the winners are executing successful National Business Strategies that have little to do with whatever is trending in the Schools of Economics. Imagine!

That's our short take on it - but never forget what you paid for free advice.

July 25, 2013
Hard to believe that is was almost fifty years ago that the streets of Detroit were the centre of civil rights riots in America. Even then, the city was gasping to survive as an exodus of people, industry and jobs was well underway. Nothing was done back then, or since, to turn the tide, so Detroit simply continued to crumble into the destitute urban wasteland pictured today.
Other countries and cities should pay close attention to what happened here - and why comparisons to Nauru and Easter Island are really not that far-fetched. The question becomes when will we ever wake up?
Dr. Peter G Kinesa
July 25, 2013 

Streets of Detroit - 2012
When did it really go Bankrupt???


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