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Friday, 17 July 2015

BEST HELP WANTED AD EVER: " Google SEO" - Explains Everything, & More

Google Is Hiring An SEO Manager To Improve Its Rankings In Google

Hey SEOs! Looking for a new place to work? Google is hiring a SEO to help drive more organic traffic to its web properties.

The responsibilities include:
Image result for confused mad scientists meeting cartoons
  • Architect, design, develop and maintain innovative, engaging and informative sites for a worldwide audience.
  • Maintain and develop the web code to ensure quality, content and readability by search engines.
  • Keep pace with SEO, search engine and internet marketing industry trends and developments and report changes as needed.
  • Advise, collaborate with, and synthesize feedback from Marketing, Product and Engineering partners to push for technical SEO best practices.

The qualifications include:
  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent practical experience.
  • 4 years of experience developing websites and applications with SQL, HTML5, and XML.
  • 2 years of SEO experience.
  • Experience with Google App Engine, Google Custom Search, Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics and experience creating and maintaining project schedules using project management systems.
  • Experience working with back-end SEO elements such as .htaccess, robots.txt, metadata and site speed optimization to optimize website performance.
  • Experience in quantifying marketing impact and SEO performance and strong understanding of technical SEO (sitemaps, crawl budget, canonicalization, etc.).
  • Knowledge of one or more of the following: Java, C/C++, or Python.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills with the ability to dig extensively into metrics and analytics.

Do you know anyone qualified for this 

Let's All Get Together And Help Google Fill This 
Position With  The Right Person
Everyone Wins! 

Visa-seeking Chinese fund giant NY Ferris wheel

new york wheel 2

New York is building one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world, and it's partly funded by Chinese investors hoping for U.S. green cards.

Image result for immigration fraud
The wheel, under construction on Staten Island, will stand 630 feet high when it's completed in two years, according to Travis Noyes, chief marketing officer at New York Wheel, the firm developing it. Its 36 pods will hold about 40 people each, offering panoramic views of the New York skyline during a slow rotation.

elizabeth holmes theranos

Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes is the world's youngest self-made female billionaire.
When she was a sophomore at Stanford in 2003, Holmes founded healthcare-technology company Theranos (a few months later, she dropped out to focus on the company). Today, she has a net worth of $4.6 billion.
Theranos is a $9 billion biotech company that has a new approach to blood testing. Its goal is to make clinical testing cheaper and faster.
Theranos wants to conduct blood tests for health issues through a single finger stick rather than by having to draw vials of blood in a doctor's office. Theranos has drawn skepticism from the scientific community in part because Theranos is cagey about how its tests actually work.
But for now, Holmes is on top of the world. Already, her blood tests are being offered in some drugstores like Walgreens.

“We will go door to door in Perama, saying to people that we’re fighting,” said Babis, an Open Assembly founder who declined to give his last name. “Then we will reach other communities all over Greece. We will protest by the mayor’s office. We will go to Athens.”

The paradox is that people are as desperate as ever for affordable rental housing. But every child learns early in life that there’s a difference between wanting something and having the means to obtain it. It’s a tough lesson, but fundamental to economic life. Without money, your demand for something is “ineffective,” to use the economic term.

One of the major destabilizing forces in the Chinese stock market is the lack of institutional investors.
Image result for scroogeIn an effort to encourage more institutions to invest, the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security last month said pensions plans could invest up to 30% of their assets in the stock market. This would allow as much as 2 trillion yuan of the 3.59 trillion yuan parked in pension funds to trade on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.

In the common imagination, at least on the Continent, if not in the UK, the European project is about "peace".
In the aftermath of the World War Two, the driving impetus was how to avoid Europe ever going to war again.


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