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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

THE JIM ROGERS BLOG - Rogers: More Money has been lost in GOLD Mining Shares

We agree for the most part, except JIM you forgot one important aspect of mining, that is many mines are polymetallic, so they extract many other minerals including gold in their process. Should gold gravitate to zero, these mines will treat it as a by-product, and thus only assign the incremental costs associated with the ore or even  possibly leave it unprocessed for a period of time. If gold is a by-product then the full weight of production costs will not be attributed.So even at $50 an ounce, some miners may still be able to produce it on a break-even cash basis  because the cost assignments are arbitrary.

Anyway we are happy you enoyed our article - "Gold is a Psychotic Placebo - NOT AN INVESTMENT." And by the way, we confirm that old story about gold mines - 99% of all stock mining ventures end up being worthless. And yes, it will be very hard for these sociopaths to attract capital in the future. That's one good thing for the greater cause - our future generations!

Platinum Wealth Partners
First Financial Insights

July 10, 2013

Faber and Rogers are still building physical gold positions regardless of what is happening - the US dollar is still a powerful medium that can be exchanged for real objects. Moreover, there are strong resource-based currencies offering a greater lon-term mineral diversification. It is still just too easy to get blind-sided by an object that depends upon the bouncing emotional neurons of the collective masses who do not even know how they will think one day to the next. Too buggy for us, when there are just so many better other places to garner safety,income and growth in global purchasing power terms.

Dr Peter G Kinesa
July 10, 2013  

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