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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Are YOU Prepared For Coming #Collapse - Some Planning Ideas

Preparing For The Next Market Collapse



·    About two-thirds of Americans anticipate another financial crisis.
·    More are worried about a market crisis than are prepared for one.
·    Here is what works and what doesn't in a total market collapse.

It is an uncertain world and I want to be prepared

According to recent survey data from Northwestern Mutual, 67% of Americans believe that over time, there likely will be more financial crises. However, are these Americans prepared for the next one? A market collapse to be a possibility that many investors are vaguely aware of, but fewer have taken concrete steps to plan for. This is not something that I specifically expect and it is certainly not something that I hope for. It is something that I insure against in a prudent, moderate way. Read More

Why Prepare For Anything?

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There is little doubt that it makes good sense to craft back-up and disaster plans. Flexibility and prompt responsiveness, too are critical factors. Plans a,b c and so forth forth should be established.

However, one must be realistic as to what lies ahead - that could a collapse beyond all proportions and unprecedented in human and economic history.

This is our greatest fear , and its likelihood is great.

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April 29, 2015

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